Around 7,500 children are in foster care
More than 800 certified foster families as a direct result of our effort
We offer 10 different volunteer opportunities
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Who had the biggest impact on your life while you were in foster care?

Play Video: Foster parenting

Foster parenting

Learn what foster parenting looks like for a local family.

Play Video: Biological families + foster parents

Biological families + foster parents

Jillana has been changed by her relationship with her child's biological family for the better.

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Respite care

Learn more about what respite care looks like from Kayla. Kayla is a volunteer who provides respite for a foster family in her community. She watches the kiddos in care to give the parents a date night or a night to grocery shop.

Play Video: Family dynamics

Family dynamics

Jillana is a Foster and Adoptive parent. In this video, she shares how she talks to her biological children about foster care.

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Showing up for kids

What does showing up for kids in foster care look like?

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Become a volunteer today!

Learn why you are needed to come alongside kids in care.

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Meet Jenna!

Jenna is a DHS Caseworker and works closely with vulnerable families. Watch this video to learn how she cares for kids in foster care and families.

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Greater capacity to love

Gavin has volunteered with Foster Parents' Night Out for the last several years. Showing up for kids in foster care has taught him so much.

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Business partnerships!

Every Child Oregon has several ways businesses can partner with the foster care community.

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On my twenty-fifth birthday, in the heat of summer, during a pandemic, a baby was dropped off at our apartment. Holding Little Lady, I stood up to see Caitlin lifting him from his car seat, wisps of brown hair covering his tiny head. I had just become a mother of two babies - one seven weeks old, the other just over four months old.
I didn’t expect motherhood to come to me this way - strangers’ babies being picked up from offices and hospital rooms. A baby literally being dropped off at our front door. I didn’t expect three newborns in six months. Or having to say goodbye, so quickly to the baby who first made me a mama. I didn’t expect having two babies at once. Or to be parenting with my best friend.
I expected the traditional - a career, a husband, a house, pregnancy. A list of boxes I thought I would have to check before I could hold the title “mother”. Things I still want, someday.
On my 25th birthday I became a mother to two babies who do not belong to me, but are mine for now. How grateful I am to be living life in the unexpected.

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We’re on the hotline list for this weekend! ☎️ Follow along on our foster parent adventures at nobodyreadsminds. 👩‍👩‍👦
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Purchases of apparel from our store help us as we aim to care for more children and youth, and work toward preventing a rise in children coming into the system.⁠

#Shop our zip-up hoodies, hats and more 👕🧢👚⁠

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Our quarantine just got a lot more exciting!
Routine may be lacking and the world feels out of control, but what I know for sure is that holding you in my arms feels grounding. Looking into your eyes stills the chaos. And loving you is gonna be easy, little flower.
#thisisfostercare #twosinglesfoster #fosterlove #gettooattached #thefosteryears #mandaandcaitfoster #worthitoregon

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Oops, we did it again. #thisisfostercare #worthitoregon ...

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I’m nearing one year of being part of the everychildor crew and I can tell you that this has been the greatest, most eye opening year of my life. I’ve jumped out of my comfort zone into the trenches of this heart-work for my community.
I lead an incredible team of ambassadors and together we help raise awareness about# fostercare in #oregon.

I can say I spend my time serving my community’s most vulnerable children and families through compelling and thoughtful storytelling on social media but the reality is, through this storytelling my heart has changed. In attempt to help kids and families who are navigating foster care, and everything that comes with that, I’ve become a better version of myself and so the cycle will continue. I will continue to raise awareness, attempt to change the narrative around kids in foster care and their biological parents, and encourage foster parent support. And my heart will continue to change and grow with empathy and love for all.
Kids in foster care are #worthitoregon. So are their biological parents, and their foster families. We’re all in this together. We’re all on the same team.
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If your life was a book, then we were just a sentence. A short one. A transition between paragraphs. You were here for eleven days. Eleven days that completely altered who we are. That proved to me that we are made for this. Fostering. Knowing and loving you for those days brought a remarkable sense of joy and peace. A confirmation of a calling so intricately woven by God.

Watching you go was hard but we know you are headed to a family who is so ready to love you. One that we hope is your forever. We are so excited for them. And for you.

Lil bean, thank you for being the first to pave the way for so many. For making us mamas. For opening our hearts. For keeping our passion for this work alive. I hope and pray that every page of your story continues to be written with love.

You are loved. .
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One of the things you learn about kiddos with trauma is the power of touch. 11 year olds need cuddles just as much as toddlers and babies do. It’s grounding and keeps them in the present.

Tonight that looked like extra long hair brushing before braiding and an open hand back rub while she read a book before bed.

It is such an privilege to care for this sweet, brave, resilient girl.

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